Information on sectors, occupations and education

If you’re still undecided on your education or future career, the sources of information gathered on this page can help you.

Sectors and occupations

You shouldn’t trust your future on chance or flimsy ideas. You need information on different options to make a choice. Job Market Finland offers a section for Professional information. Professional information is intended for everyone interested in working life, for example to support career choice and career planning. There you will find descriptions of occupations and professions, and you can read interviews and career stories of people working in different professions. The service is provided currently in Finnish and Swedish only.

Occupations catalogue which provides an overview on working life and the world of occupations.

The Occupational Barometer is a website on which you can find the estimate of Employment and Economic Development Offices on the labour market prospects of key occupations in the near future. The Occupational Barometer has estimates for some 200 occupations.

Education opportunities

Below you’ll find the most important websites with information on studying, applying for education programmes and funding your studies.

Comprehensive information on starting studies leading to a degree for young people and adults in upper secondary schools, vocational institutions, vocational adult education centres, universities of applied sciences, universities, folk high schools, adult education centres and comprehensive schools. Browse Study Info to find education options and to apply for them. The portal is maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Service provided by higher education institutions. The website provides information on the types of positions those who studied in universities and universities of applied sciences work in.

Find out more about apprenticeship training and training providers.

The website contains information on occupations, vocational institutions and education for young people, parents and those pursuing a career.

Assess your professional skills for a competence-based qualification.

The joint website of universities of applied sciences presents the  university of applied sciences system and degree programmes.

Information on studying at universities of applied sciences that are open for everyone.

Find out more about education options offered by open universities.

Browse study programmes and short courses at Folk High Schools.

You can find short-term adult and personnel training on this up-to-date data bank and search service.

Information on education options for immigrants . Available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, French, Russian, Somali, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Chinese and


Studying abroad

You can study abroad at different stages of your life either for a short period or for several years.

When you study in Finland, you can apply for a student exchange abroad. In that case, you will complete a part of your Finnish degree abroad. You can receive information on student exchange from the International Affairs Manager in your educational institution.

It is also possible to do an entire degree abroad. In this case, the studies take several years depending on the length of the degree.

It is your responsibility to

  • find a studying place
  • find out how to apply
  • manage the practical arrangements.

You can search for suitable study places through the online service provided by the Finnish National Agency for Education.