Support for decisions concerning your education and career

Are you unable to find the information about education and occupations that you need, or would you like to make sure that the information you have is correct? You need not be alone when considering your decisions for the future. This page contains various options for finding help.

See an expert at the TE Office

In the TE Office's vocational guidance and career planning service, you can talk to an expert about

  • improving your competence
  • applying for work or education/training
  • contents of studies
  • occupations and sectors
  • options for funding your studies.

Psychologists at the TE Offices can help you find solutions to questions related to career choices, work, or education and training. The psychologist will discuss your capabilities, goals and options regarding education and working life with you.

An expert of vocational rehabilitation will help you if your work and functional ability have deteriorated because of an injury or an illness. You can talk to him or her to discuss options regarding education and working life in which any restrictions are taken into consideration.

It is important to find out who is responsible for organising your professional rehabilitation. If you are at work, contact the occupational health care services of your workplace or the rehabilitation adviser of your pension institute. The Social Insurance Institution (Kela) also organises professional rehabilitation.

Your plans will be supported by the entire expertise of the TE Office in career and educational choices, working life and professional development. The services are free of charge – but usually require an appointment – and they are not only intended for jobseekers.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, you can get vocational guidance and career planning services from your home municipality. TE Office's telephone services are also available to you. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots

TE telephone service

The telephone service educational advisers can provide information about

  • education and training programmes and how to apply
  • funding your studies
  • the employment situation in various sectors.

You can call the helpline or send in your questions by e-mail.

Education and training guidance

On the educational advice Facebook pages, you will find up-to-date information about such questions as possibilities for studying, funding your studies and various sectors and occupations. You can also ask questions and take part in conversations on this site.

Educational advice Facebook pages (, in Finnish)

Call the telephone service career guidance when you need help with your career choices or would like to talk to a psychologist about problems with your work or studies.

Career Counselling

Supporting services by opportunities

A work trial at a workplace where you do practical working life tasks will clarify or confirm your ideas of work that might be suitable for you.

Work try-out as a stepping stone to the job market

In a training trial you will familiarise yourself with the contents of the training and requirements of the occupation. This will help you assess your educational plan and make it more specific. During the training trial, you can talk to the teachers and student counsellors about issues related to the studies. You can also get to know the educational institution and what it is like to study there by observing lessons. The duration of a training trial is at most 10 days.

During a recruitment trial you can demonstrate your suitability for the task in question to the employer. The job seeker and employer together should seek guidance on the recruitment trial.

Support for decisions concerning your education and career

Career coaching will help to clarify your professional goals by means of peer support and practical trials.

Career coaching

Aptitude tests and other psychological assessment methods can be used to analyse your interests, strengths and characteristics.

Job coaching offers support in finding a job, concluding an employment contract and establishing an employment relationship.

Finding work or education with the support of a job coach

Expert assessments  include medical, psychological and social examinations and assessments of a person's potential for enterprising.