Vocational labour market training

The goal of vocational labour market training often is to complete a vocational qualification, a further or a specialist vocational qualification, or a vocational qualification module. In addition, further or continuing education is also organised in many sectors.

Free vocational labour market training is provided at

  • vocational adult education centres
  • higher education institutions
  • private educational institutions.

Who is vocational labour market training for?

Vocational labour market training is primarily intended for adults who are unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs and who have completed their compulsory education.

Vocational labour market training may be used to support a student who has dropped out in completing a higher education qualification. In that case, the student must be able to prove that he or she dropped out more than a year ago. Full-time studies must be completed in 12–24 months. The time depends on the qualification to be completed and on whether the educational institution is a university of applied sciences or a university.

Entrepreneurial career coaching and entrepreneur training are provided for those who are thinking about starting, or planning to start, their own business. Starting a business can be flexibly combined with entrepreneur training.

If you cannot find suitable training in our offer, you can contact the TE Office and discuss the possibility of finding an individual study place.

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To apply for a place in a training programme:

Vocational labour market training that is open for applications and Koulutusvahti (in Finnish) 

TE Offices often plan and provide vocational education and training in partnership with employers (joint purchase education and training). Those planning to start a business, or an entrepreneur with his or her employees and hired employees working in the company may take part in the training.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, you can receive help with applying for labour market training in your municipality of residence. However, the TE Office continues to manage interviews and student selections in labour market training. The municipality that is part of the employment pilot decides on the reimbursement of possible travel and accommodation costs and the discretionary reimbursement of expenses. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots

Feedback on labour market training

Student feedback is collected on each training programme provided.

In addition to student feedback, the quality of the training is also monitored by statistics produced from the customer database. The most important quality criterion for the training is the extent to which it helps the participant to find work.