Applications for and admissions to labour market training

You should show initiative when applying for a place in labour market training. Some of the training programmes are very popular, but usually you have a good chance of being admitted. Have a look at the admission criteria of the training programme that interests you before you submit your application.

How to apply for labour market training

Primarily, applications for labour market training should be submitted online. When you fill in your application online, it will be directed to the TE Office responsible for the student admissions.

Labour market training programmes open for application (online applications in Finnish)

You can also apply by filling in a form that you can pick up at the TE Office. You should return the form to the TE Office.

Application form (in Finnish,  

How are students selected?

Primarily, persons who are unemployed or about to become unemployed are admitted to the training. However, you can be admitted even if you are working. As the training programmes are intended for adults, applicants who are under 20 are rarely admitted.

The following are some of the criteria that apply to student selections

  • The applicant's need for training must have been established by the TE Office.
  • The selected students are suitable for the training and for the work that the training aims for. The criteria for determining suitability include the skills and characteristics required by the field or occupation in question and the health requirements that apply to it.
  • Your own interest and motivation are vital for achieving the objectives of the training, and for this reason, you will be asked about them when filling in the application.
  • Your prior education and training and work experience will also be evaluated, as well as the impact that the training will have on your possibilities of finding a job.
  • Some of the training programmes are designed for restricted target groups, for example the long-term unemployed, immigrants or ageing workers.

The students are selected based on their applications, interviews and, if necessary, aptitude tests. Sometimes the training may be preceded by an initial period, after which only part of the students will continue in the programme.

Who selects the students for the training?

The students are selected by a team consisting of experts of employment and economic development services and a representative of the training provider. If an employer takes part in planning and funding the training, a representative of the employer will also participate in the selections. Other experts may also be used if necessary.

In admissions to studies that lead to a higher education qualification and when procuring individual places in education and training, a different procedure is followed.

Firstly, the higher education institution must admit an applicant, after which the TE Office will make a final decision on admitting the student to labour market training.

How will the students be informed about the selection results?

The TE Office responsible for the student selections will inform the candidates about its decision by a letter, typically within about a month after the application period for the training has closed. If you logged in with your IDs when filling in the application, you can monitor the application's progress online using the Omat hakemukset (My applications to training) service in Finnish.

Click on the E-services button (Oma asiointi) on the right and go to  Henkilöasiakkaat > Työvoimakoulutus > Koulutushakemusteni tilanne (Individual customers > Labour market training > My applications to training).

Oma asiointi (in Finnish) (E-service)

If you are admitted to labour market training, the training provider will usually send you a specific invitation to the training. The invitation will also contain key information about the start date and other arrangements of the training programme.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, you can receive guidance in applying for labour market training in your municipality of residence. However, the TE Office continues to manage interviews and student selections in labour market training. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots