Employee leave systems

As an employee you are entitled to take one of the types of leave that are intended for various life situations. Use the links below to scroll directly to the subject that is of interest to you.

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Family leaves

You have the right to take leave during the period for which you are entitled to a maternity, special maternity, paternity or parental allowance. This is your statutory right under the Employment Contracts Act.

Maternity leave duration is 105 working days.

Paternity leave duration is a maximum of 54 working days in total.

  • After the child is born, the father can take off 1–18 working days during the period for which a maternity or parental allowance is paid in no more than four separate periods.
  • The remaining days for which paternity allowance is payable can be taken after the parental allowance period ends in no more than two periods.

In addition, the parents can take either part-time or full time parental leave for  no more than 158 working days in total.

Child-care leave

As an employee, you are entitled to two periods of full-time child-care leave to care for your child aged less than 3 years.

The entitlement of an adopted child's parent to child-care leave is valid at minimum for two years after the child is adopted. However, the child-care leave ends as the child starts school.

The minimum duration of a period of child-care leave is one month.

You are entitled to temporary child-care leave when you are looking after a child aged less than 10 who has unexpectedly become ill and who lives in the same household with you. The maximum duration of temporary child-care leave is four working days at a time. This right also applies to a parent who is not living in the same household with the child.

You are also entitled to a short-term absence from work if your presence is necessary for pressing family reasons. These include unexpected circumstances caused by an illness or accident that has affected the family.

Inform your employer on time about family leaves

You must notify your employer about your intention to take any of the family leaves two months before the leave begins.

Note the following exceptions

  • Notification about parental leave taken to care for an adopted child must only be given two months in advance if this is possible.
  • If the leave duration is no more than 12 working days, the notification period is one month before the leave.
  • If it is not possible to comply with the notification period of one month because your spouse starts working, you have the right to take parental leave at one month's notice. A precondition for this, however, is that no serious inconvenience is caused to the employer.

For a justified reason, you can change the notified dates of your leave periods if you inform your employer of this one month in advance.

Unless otherwise agreed between the employee and the employer, a family leave may only be interrupted or its dates changed for a justified reason if the circumstances of caring for the child change.

Before you give notification of a family leave, try and anticipate how you wish to use and share family leaves.

Job alternation leave

Job alternation leave

  • promotes the employee's coping at work
  • offers an unemployed jobseeker a possibility of getting work experience in a fixed-term job
  • gives the employer an opportunity to acquire new skills for the work community.

The employee's job alternation leave is subject to agreement between the employer and the employee. The employee can use the leave as he or she sees fit.

Study leave

The study leave system gives you improved opportunities for pursuing education and training while you are in working life.

The studies

  • do not need to be relevant to your employer's activities, and you can choose freely what to study
  • must be subject to government control and taken either in Finland or abroad.

The studies may also comprise training in trade union matters.

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