Seasonal work

Seasonal jobs only provide work for part of the year. Short-term seasonal jobs are available around the year.

Seasonal work in holiday resorts, summer jobs in municipalities

Students are typically employed as substitute workers during summer holidays, or as seasonal help in the commercial sector around Christmas. Major seasonal employers include tourism centres in Lapland in the winter and archipelago resorts in the summer. Berry-picking on horticultural farms is also available in the summer.

Cities, municipalities and parishes generally offer a number of summer jobs. For example, summer workers are needed

  • to maintain sports facilities
  • to maintain and clean parks and offices
  • in catering
  • in the social and health care sector
  • for tourism advisory services
  • to maintain plantings at graveyards.

Go to the Avoimet työpaikat (Vacancies) service, give summer job as the search term, enter 3–12 months as the job duration and set geographical limits for your search.

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