Find out which sectors are offering work

Finding a job is easier if you are familiar with the labour market. Find out which sectors are offering work now and in the future.

The different kinds of employers, including companies, municipalities, the state and other public bodies, have different reasons for recruiting new employees:

  • Hiring a new person to replace someone who is leaving working life.
  • Finding a new employee to replace someone who is changing jobs.
  • Creation of a completely new job or work task. This is also a good impetus for setting up your own company.

The job vacancies search service provides up-to-date information on job opportunities

You can view the job vacancies reported to TE Services in real time from any device, and this doesn’t require the use of a separate application. You can use a variety of search options and also view the location of each workplace on Google Maps.

If you subscribe to Paikkavahti, you can receive an email notification of jobs that match your search criteria. You can also subscribe to this as an RSS feed. 

The Occupational Barometer presents the views of the TE Offices on the labour market situation for different professions in the near future

The Occupational Barometer provides information on

  • whether the profession currently has a shortage or oversupply of labour,
  • recent levels of unemployment and job vacancies,
  • how the situation varies in different regions of the country.

ForeAmmatti service visualises employment prospects for different professions

The ForeAmmatti online service gives you an overview of a wide range of data, including: 

  • tasks of different occupations and their average salary levels
  • how many jobs are available in the different regions of Finland 
  • how many are applying for the same jobs
  • what kinds of skill requirements employers have included in their job advertisements. 

You can find descriptions of different professions and professional fields on the Professional Information webpages

The Professional Information webpages are intended to support all those interested in working life. You can use them, for example, for career selection and career planning by reading interviews and career stories of people working in different professions.

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