Tips for finding a job

You have to be active and show initiative when looking for a job. You can and  should also improve your job-seeking skills. Read the tips for finding a job on these pages.

Be active and flexible

Looking for a job is a full-time occupation. Do not get discouraged if at first you do not succeed. You should try and think that there will always be a job for one willing to do it.

Look for work over a large area and consider different types of jobs. Be also prepared to try a fixed-term employment relationship or working as a hired employee. These often serve as stepping stones to a permanent job. Also remember that a less interesting job may later lead to one that you really like.

Use many different channels to look for work

In addition to the TE Office, try
- papers and company websites
- recruitment sites on the Internet, private recruitment companies and CV databases
- recruitment events and fairs
- your network of family and friends, including your old colleagues
- getting in touch with companies directly – submit an open application or ask for a meeting.

Make sure that you have good jobseeking skills and that your documents up to date

Employer's recruitment models and requirements have changed. TE Offices and jobseeker training will provide you assistance and tips about how to look for a job and write applications.

Training or a work try-out could open doors to an interesting job

The labour administration organises some of the labour market training directly for company needs. This gives the participants good possibilities of finding work after the training. Find out about training and work try-outs from the TE Office.

Make sure that your vocational skills and competence are up to date

TE Offices will help you in acquiring skills you do not have or updating our skills and knowledge.

Use the social media to find a job

Employers also look for employees in the social media – especially for expert positions. By making efficient use of the social media, you may stand out from other candidates. Consider which media would allow you to reach the employers you are interested in most efficiently. Also consider what others can find out about you through the social media.

Have you considered starting a business as one option for finding work?

TE Offices offer various services for entrepreneurs and those interested in enterprising and starting a business. The TE Offices are a part of a sub-regional service network in which the authorities and organisations join their forces to offer business services, also using national level expertise.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, contact your municipality of residence if you are interested in job search training, work try-outs, education or need information on starting and developing business activities.