Social media as a tool to support your job search

Get tips on how to use social media to find work.

LinkedIn in job search

Out of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is the one that focuses the most on job searching. You can use LinkedIn to network, find job advertisements or get headhunted. LinkedIn has a wide range of vacancies from ski resort workers to engineers. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile yet, it’s high time to fix that!

Psst... Did you know that it’s worth being active on LinkedIn even if you already have a job. Regular activity in social media helps with branding yourself which can be useful when you start looking for new job opportunities.

Did you know that Facebook is also an excellent social media platform for job hunters?

In early 2018, Facebook launched a new advertising platform where you can apply for and offer jobs. The Jobs platform is aimed at both jobseekers and companies. Jobs posted on the dashboard will also appear on the user's News Feed and ads. You can use the Search function to find vacancies and set alerts about interesting jobs so that Facebook can notify you when new positions open.

Bring out your talent on Instagram

Your Instagram profile allows you to showcase your talent or craft skills; in this way, your Instagram profile works as a portfolio. You can add a link to your Instagram profile on your CV and this way bring out your skills also through photos and videos.

Videos in job search are also an option

Video applications, video resumes and introduction videos have become more common in recruitment. A video presentation or application may provide the employer with information that can't be found on the resume or the application itself. This is how video applications also facilitate pre-screening the applicants. The video format also benefits the jobseeker as a video is a great way to demonstrate your personality and character without listing various adjectives. Video applications are also a great option if writing is not your strength but performing comes naturally to you. Video makes you stand out from other applicants.