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How do I find a job in Finland?

You will find currently Avoimet työpaikat (Vacancies) online at You can also directly contact companies as many jobs are so-called hidden jobs that are not advertised publicly.

What should I do if I want to become an entrepreneur in Finland?

Starting a business involves, among other things, permit and registration matters and measures related to taxation and insurances. You can find information on entrepreneurship and starting a business on 

More information on 

What permits do I need to live and work in Finland?

If you are a non-EU/EEA national, you need an employee's residence permit or other residence permit entitling you to gainful employment. If you are an EU/EEA national, you must register your right of residence with the Finnish Immigration Service.

The citizens of all countries must submit a registration notification and a notification of move at their local register office if their stay in Finland will last at least one year. Please take into consideration that some professions require a recognition of qualifications decision.

See the following pages for further information

How do I know if my qualification is eligible in Finland?

Some professions are regulated in Finland, which means that a certain educational qualification or certain studies as qualifications requirements have been specified by law. In these professions, you will need a decision on the recognition of your foreign qualification. The Finnish National Board of Education makes decisions on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland, and it has published a list of regulated professions

What should I remember when I move to Finland?

Moving involves permit and registration matters, moving your belongings, finding accommodation and making other practical arrangements. It is worth finding out which authority you should contact in different situations

Remember to take matters related to the legalisation of documents into consideration. Information on the official legalisation of documents is available in 

You will be able to find the contact details of licensed or authorised translators in Finland through the following link

For ideas for checklists, see 

What is my municipality of residence?

Your municipality of residence is the municipality you permanently reside in. Remember to register at your local register office in order to be given a municipality of residence. See municipality and the nearest register office

What is the wage level in Finland like?

Statistics Finland provides information about the wages in Finland:  

Find out about taxation in Finland:

What should I take into account in my taxation?

Check has your employer been registered in Finland or some other country and take into account the duration of your employment relationship. Take into account that exceptions may occur due to tax treaties between Finland and other countries. 

Contact your local tax office if you have questions concerning your taxation. 

Where can I study Finnish or Swedish?

You can study Finnish or Swedish independently, on the internet and on courses. For tips on studying, see


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