Working or participating in an internship abroad

Your work or studies abroad will be affected by whether you decide to go to an EU or EEA member state or outside these areas. Find out in advance about your possibilities of working or developing your skills abroad.

Before you begin applying for work abroad, evaluate your language skills, expertise and the employment situation of your field in your destination country.

Living and working in another country require an ability to adapt to a different culture. In addition, you need to find out how tax and social security systems work in your target country.

Working in EU or EEA member states and Switzerland

As a Finnish citizen, you will be entitled to the same work-related rights and responsibilities as the citizens of the country in question.

When you intend to move from Finland to another EU or EEA member state or from one of these to Finland, the EURES online service will provide you with the best tips on

  • vacancies
  • educational opportunities
  • job market situation.

If necessary, you can also get personal advice from TE service experts.

Working in a country outside the EU and EEA region

TE Services do not actively advertise jobs from outside the EU and EEA because those countries do not have an agreement on the free movement of labour.

However, TE Services often provide information on possibilities of working outside the EU and EEA countries. Even if the job details can be found on the TE Services' website, you should find out the terms of employment in detail.

If you intend to work outside the EU and EEA, you will usually need a work permit that has been issued by the country’s immigration authority. As a jobseeker, you will be personally required to find out the necessary prerequisites and procedures related to the work permits. For more information, contact e.g. the embassies of the countries that you are interested in.

N.B. as of the 1st of January 2021 Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are no longer a part of the EU/EEA free movement area. Check your right to work in the aforementioned area. 

Further information

The UK transition: Time is running out , there are new rules for businesses and citizens from 1 January 2021 (

Interning abroad

An internship supports your professional development, language skills and readiness to work internationally.

If you are studying in a vocational institution, you can apply for a workplace learning spot through your educational institution.

If you are a higher education student, you can find available internships abroad through e.g.

  • your educational institution
  • in case of EDUFI internships, through the Finnish National Agency for Education, which is responsible for international mobility and collaboration
  • international student organisations.

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