Job interview or application trips within the EU and EEA region and Switzerland

Job interview trip

Your TE Office can reimburse you for any travel and accommodation costs for a two-way job interview journey to another EU or EEA member state if the work will last for at least two weeks and your working hours will be at least 18 hours per week on average.  

Going on a jobseeking trip on an unemployment allowance

As an unemployed jobseeker, you are allowed to go to another EU or EEA member state or Switzerland for three months to look for work and still retain the right to an unemployment allowance that is paid in Finland.  

During your jobseeking trip, you are only be eligible for the earnings-related unemployment allowance and basic allowance. You will not be able to collect any labour market subsidy during the duration of your trip.

To be able to receive unemployment benefits while you are abroad, your unemployment before your trip must have lasted for at least four weeks. Your TE Office can reduce this period at its discretion and for a special reason, for example if you have already agreed on a job interview. Your unemployment period can also include the time that you have spent on services that promote employment.

Apply for your unemployment benefit well ahead of time

Remember to inform your TE Office of your travel date well before you leave, so that the TE Office can

  • determine that the prerequisites for transferring the unemployment allowance that falls within its domain are met
  • inform the payer of the unemployment benefit that you will be leaving to look for work in another EU or EEA member state or Switzerland.

Remember to order a U2 form from Kela or your unemployment fund well before you leave, as you will need to take this to the labour office of your destination country. Kela or your unemployment fund will determine whether the prerequisites for transferring the unemployment allowance that falls within their domain are met

Register at the foreign labour office

After you have arrived at your country of destination, remember to register as a jobseeker at the local labour office within seven days. This will allow you to receive your allowance for the duration of your trip. If you complete your registration at a later date, the payment of your allowance will begin after your registration date.

During the jobseeking process, you are required to comply with the obligations and supervision methods that have been mandated by the labour officials of your destination country.

Your unemployment allowance is paid by Kela or your unemployment fund. During your jobseeking trip, you can apply for your unemployment allowance as you would normally online or by mailing your unemployment period notice to the party that pays our allowance.

Register with your TE Office after your trip

When you have returned to Finland, submit your registration to your TE Office immediately.

Your unemployment allowance will be affected if you do not return back to Finland and register as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE Office by the final return date specified in the U2 form.

This will prevent you from receiving any unemployment allowance before you have been employed or participated in labour market training in Finland for four weeks. You may be entitled to a labour market subsidy.

For more detailed instructions, contact your TE Office, Kela or unemployment fund.

If you are not a citizen of an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland, contact the TE Office and payer of your unemployment benefit.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, contact your municipality of residence in matters related to refunding travel and overnight stay expenses for job interviews. If you have been a customer of a local government pilot on employment before the interview trip, you can also register with the municipality immediately after the trip. Alternatively, you can start your job search immediately, for example on E-services or through the telephone service for personal customers. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots

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