Get a pay subsidy card and find a job

A pay subsidy is an economic support that a TE Office may grant an employer to cover the pay costs of an unemployed jobseeker.

For you the pay subsidy is an opportunity to get work for which your professional skills are not quite sufficient, or whose completion is affected by a disability or illness.

Pay subsidy

Work supported by the pay subsidy is always either normal employment or apprenticeship training. The employment can be open-ended, or fixed term, and either full time, or part time.  

You will be paid according to the applicable collective agreement or, if no applicable collective agreement exists, a prevalent and reasonable wage for the job in question

Your employer can receive pay subsidies for up to 30%, 40%, or 50% of your pay costs.

An employer can receive a pay subsidy only for the hiring of a person who is registered as an unemployed job seeker at a TE Office. 

A TE Office can grant a pay subsidy for your pay costs if  

  • it helps you find employment
  • it has been agreed upon in your employment plan
  • the employer and your job meet the conditions required for the granting of a pay subsidy
  • the TE Office has the necessary funding available.

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How to apply

  • When you have registered at a TE Office as an unemployed job-seeker or if your unemployment is ongoing and your need for service is to be re-evaluated, you can discuss your need for a pay subsidy with the TE Office.
  • The possibility for work on a pay subsidy will be added to your employment plan.
  • If you need a certificate of the possibility for a pay subsidy to show an employer to back up your job search, you can be issued a pay subsidy card. The card is valid for three months at a time.

Seek employment actively on your own

  • Make sure that the possibility for a pay subsidy is included in your employment plan.
  • Contact interested employers and apply for available positions.  
  • Remember to mention to the employer that a pay subsidy is available for hiring you.
  • If you get a job, ask the employer to contact the TE Office or to submit a pay subsidy application well before the employment begins.
  • Your employment cannot begin before the TE Office has granted the pay subsidy to the employer.

The TE Office can also offer you work with a pay subsidy.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, talk to your municipality of residence about the possibility to receive pay subsidy. The possibility to receive pay subsidy is recorded in your plan if your municipality of residence estimates that you need pay subsidy to find employment.  

When you agree with the employer on work that is covered by pay subsidy, tell the employer that you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment in your municipality of residence. The employer needs this information when submitting an application for a pay subsidy because the decision to grant a pay subsidy is made by your municipality of residence.  

However, if you find employment supported by a pay subsidy in your municipality of residence, i.e. the municipality is the applicant for the pay subsidy or the pay subsidy is funded by the European Social Fund, the pay subsidy is granted by the TE Office. 

Pay subsidy must be applied for well in advance before the start of the work and work covered by the pay subsidy must not be started before an affirmative decision on pay subsidy has been made. 

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