Initial assessment and integration plan

You can ask a TE Office or the local authorities for an initial assessment. In this assessment, your situation and your need for various services will be examined.

If you would like to find a job, ask for an initial assessment at a TE Office. For the contact information of TE Offices, see the top of the page under "Local TE Services".

The purpose of the initial assessment is to find out what type of services could best support your integration and employment. The easiest way of going to online services for individual customers is to click on the E-services button on the right.

The initial assessment may include

  • an initial interview
  • a test of your language skills
  • an assessment of your other skills.

You will work together with the TE Office or the local authorities to draw up your integration plan. This plan will set out the services you will need to support your integration and employment.  The plan could contain participation in integration training, a course in Finnish or Swedish, other education or training, labour market training or a work try-out.

Integration training is an important part of your integration. During integration training, you can study Finnish or Swedish, and you will also be taught reading and writing skills if necessary. Integration training will give you skills that will help you get into working life and further education and training. To receive unemployment benefit, you must take the initial survey and participate in integration training. The requirement to participate in the training concerns both labour market training and independent training funded with unemployment benefit.  Integration training will also build up your civic, cultural and other skills that will support your integration in Finland.

Integration services for immigrants in the local government pilots on employment 

If you have been referred to the local government pilot on employment, ask for an initial assessment and an integration plan from your municipality of residence. Your municipality of residence will direct you to the services agreed upon in the integration plan.  

In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must participate in the initial assessment and the services laid down in your plan. For example, the integration plan may include a requirement to study the Finnish language and culture in integration training. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots