Developing your vocational skills

TE Offices also provide services that will help you develop your vocational skills, get into a new occupation and familiarise yourself with the Finnish working life.

  • A work try-out will take place at a workplace. A try-out will help you find out if the occupation in question would suit you. You can start a work try-out once you have arranged it with the employer and the TE Office.
  • In vocational labour market training, you can take a qualification needed for an occupation, or complement your existing education and training. The teaching language will be Finnish.
  • In employment on a pay subsidy, you will be working at a workplace, and the TE Office will subsidise your employer's salary costs. For more information about work on a pay subsidy, contact your TE Office.

Help and advice in starting a business is also available. New entrepreneurs meeting certain criteria may be eligible for a start-up grant. If you are planning to start a business, inform the TE Office about this in advance.

Integration services for immigrants in the local government pilots on employment 

If you have been referred to a local government pilot on employment and are interested in a work try-out, labour market training, pay subsidy or starting a business, contact your municipality of residence. The services will be agreed upon with an expert at the municipality of residence before they start. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots