Finnish and Swedish courses

You can take part in a Finnish or a Swedish language course organised by the TE Office, if this is part of your integration plan. The TE Office will let you know when a suitable place is free and you have been admitted to a language course.

The Finnish or Swedish language course will improve your possibilities of finding work, and the course will additionally teach you skills needed when looking for a job. The course will also contain a working life period, during which you will be working at a Finnish workplace.

The TE Office organises language courses in educational institutions where you study full time. The course will be free of charge for you. You can apply for integration assistance and compensation for expenses for the course days.

Follow the instructions given by the TE Office and the institution during your studies. For example, you cannot be absent from the course without a permission or a valid reason.

Self-motivated study of Finnish or Swedish

If you would like to study Finnish or Swedish on a course that is not organised by the TE Office, arrange this with the TE Office before the course starts.

If you attend a language course you chose yourself, you can only apply for integration assistance for the duration of the course if

  • you study for at least 20 hours a week on this course
  • the studies are part of your integration plan
  • The TE Office has given you a permission to start the course in question

Independent study of Finnish or Swedish

You can also learn languages independently. For example, you can find suitable study material in the library or the InfoFinland website.

Finnish Online (

Integration services for immigrants in the local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment and you have made an agreement on an integration plan for studying Finnish or Swedish, your municipality of residence will direct you to suitable training.  

If you find the training you wish to participate in yourself, contact your municipality of residence before the studies begin and ask if it is possible to study with an unemployment benefit. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots