Finding work or education with the support of a job coach

A job coach will help you personally when you are looking for a job that suits you. With the coach's support, you will discover and make visible your competence and strength in the labour market. You can get 50 hours of job coaching annually. Arrangements on job coaching are made on an individual basis and it is not possible to apply to the coaching electronically. When you contact an expert from the TE Office, you can inform him or her of your interest in job coaching.

The job coach can support you when you are

  • searching for a job
  • preparing a job application
  • getting ready for an interview
  • entering into an employment relationship

If a contact or application will not lead into employment, the coach will analyse the application situation with you. It is also possible to find a job with the help of a work try-out.

The job coach will provide guidance if there is training related to the job

The job coach will help you when you are applying for and participating in training that strengthens your professional skills.

Your coach will support you if

  • you begin apprenticeship training during which your employer receives a pay subsidy or
  • you study in accordance with the TOPPIS model
    In the TOPPIS model, you will work with the help of a pay subsidy and participate in labour market training organised by the TE Office during the employment relationship

When you have found a suitable job, the job coach can help you get started at the workplace.

You will receive the same benefits during the job coaching as when you are unemployed.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, contact your municipality of residence if you are interested in work coaching. An expert from your municipality of residence will direct you to a suitable service. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots