Services that promote employment and expense allowance

The TE Office offers versatile services that support you in finding a job or getting into education or training that prepares you for an occupation. You will receive unemployment security and an expense allowance while you are within the scope of these services. 

The expense allowance will be paid for independent studies supported by unemployment benefit only if you are a person who has the integration plan done.

Services that support you in finding a job include

  • job search training and career coaching
  • work and training trials
  • labour market training
  • independent study supported by unemployment benefit
  • an immigrant's independent study supported by a benefit
  • rehabilitative work.

Unemployment benefit while receiving  services

While you are receiving services that support you in finding a job, you will get the same unemployment benefit as you would if you were an unemployed jobseeker. The condition is that your jobsearch remains valid while you are receiving the services.

An unemployment benefit may be paid to you even if you were not entitled to it when unemployed if your lack of entitlement is due to

  • a waiting period or a waiting period for labour market subsidy
  • a set period during which benefit is not paid or obligation to work
  • a restriction related to vocational education and training
  • discretionary granting of labour market subsidy.

Increased unemployment benefit

If a service that supports you in finding a job is included in your employment plan or a similar plan, your unemployment benefit may be increased. A supplementary allowance may also be paid as an addition to the mobility subsidy. The decision on this increase will be made by the party paying the unemployment benefit, in other words the unemployment fund or the Social Insurance Institution (Kela).

Expense allowance for days of participation

You may also receive an expense allowance as compensation for your expenses for the time during which you are receiving a service. Compensation will not be paid for independent training.

If you are not entitled to compensation paid by an unemployment fund or Kela and you are not, under some other legislation, entitled to compensation for your expenses when taking part in a service, you can be eligible for a discretionary expense allowance.

The discretionary expense allowance is available, if you participate in labour market training, work try-out or training trial and job search training or career coaching.

As a rule, the expense allowance is EUR 9 a day for no more than five calendar days a week. The expense allowance is EUR 18 a day if the service is provided outside your labour market region. The expense allowance will also be EUR 18 when the service is provided outside your municipality of residence and you have accommodation expenses. The decision is made in your TE Office or in your municipality of residence if you are a customer of the local government pilots.

Impact of absences on the unemployment benefit and expense allowance

You will be paid an unemployment benefit for the days on which you are absent from services that support you in finding a job

  • if the reason for the absence is disability
  • for a maximum of four working days when your child aged less than 10 is ill
  • for a job interview or other cause related to finding employment.

However, you will not receive expense allowance for your days of absence. The reason for the absence does not affect the matter.

While taking part in labour market training, supported independent study or supported independent study of an immigrant, your will receive unemployment benefit for the duration of the training. The TE Office or the party paying the unemployment benefit will not monitor individual days of absence. During holiday times, unemployment benefit will be paid but expense allowance will not.

Application of the Act on Unemployment Security to the services

While you are receiving services that support your employment, the provisions of the Act on Unemployment Security will apply as usual. As an exception, during labour market training and supported independent study you can, for example, turn down a job offered to you without sanctions.

If, while receiving a service that supports your employment, you are issued a labour policy statement that withdraws the payment of your unemployment benefit because of a sanctionable action, you will not be paid the benefit for the remaining time of the service. Similarly, if you take on full-time employment for more than 2 weeks while receiving a service, you will not be entitled to unemployment benefit.