Work try-out as a stepping stone to the job market

A work try-out at a workplace may help you get your foot in the door when returning to the job market. It is a good idea to look for a place for the try-out yourself, but the TE Office can also inform you about employers who could provide a place for you.

The work try-out is an opportunity for you to impress the employer with your skills and motivation. When you are trying out the tasks, you can also establish together with the try-out organiser and the TE Office what other support you need to return to working life.

What happens after the work try-out?

Your own assessment of how the try-out went is important when you are planning the next step with the TE Office. The work try-out organiser will also give feedback and recommend further action.  

After the work try-out, your return to the job market can be supported e.g. by work on a pay subsidy, education or training, or the services of a job coach.

Benefits during the work try-out

You will receive the same benefits during the work try-out as you did when you were unemployed.  If the work try-out was part of your employment plan or other similar plan, your unemployment benefit may be increased. The decision on this increase will be made by the party paying the unemployment benefit, in other words the unemployment fund or the Social Insurance Institution (Kela).

You may also receive compensation for your expenses over the days on which you take part in the try-out.  If this is not granted by the party paying the unemployment benefit, the TE Office may grant you discretionary compensation.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of a local government pilot on employment, you agree to participate in the employment pilot with your municipality of residence. Your municipality of residence gives you information about employers who could employ you for a work try-out if you cannot find a work try-out yourself. Your municipality of residence also agrees with you on plans after the work try-out.  

If you do not receive an expense allowance from the payer for the days that you participate in the work try-out, your municipality of residence may pay a discretionary expense allowance. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots