Working life radar

The Working Life Radar tool covers a variety of factors that are key for finding work and choosing studies.

With the help of this tool, you can assess how different things will affect your employability and how important they are.

As a jobseeker, the Working Life Radar serves as the basis for discussions with specialists at the TE Office. You can use the Working Life Radar to consider together with a TE specialist how best to move forward.

Using the tool is easy: you think about your situation in relation to the eight different dimensions and you mark how well each statement corresponds to your situation.

  1. My goals and alternatives are clear.
  2. I feel confident about my future prospects.
  3. I actively use different channels for applying for work and seeking further training.
  4. I am flexible in terms of my work and training options.
  5. My skills are sufficient for working life.
  6. My working capacity and resources are sufficient for working life.
  7. I receive support from people close to me.
  8. My economic situation is good, and other aspects of life are in place so that I can take on work.

If something specific to your situation is missing from the statements provided, you can add this separately.

Using the tool helps you to look at your situation from many different perspectives, and this also helps your specialist to assess which services could be useful to you.

You can find the Working Life Radar in the E-Services (in Finnish).
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