Guidance Centre

The Guidance Centre is place where anyone under the age of 30 may receive help free of charge in matters relating to work, education/training or everyday life. There are currently 45 Guidance Centres around Finland in almost 100 municipalities.

Find your nearest Guidance Centre (

You can walk into a Guidance Centre without needing to know beforehand who the right person is to deal with your case. Career guidance officers, case managers and social welfare and health care professionals are among those who work at Guidance Centres. You will be listened to and helped to find a solution that suits you best.

You may need help with almost anything: completing a form, looking for a school or a job, money matters or accommodation. You just have to contact us and we will sort things out together, allowing you to move on in your life.

You can also ring or email your nearest Guidance Centre; most of them are also on Facebook. You can also make an appointment to see someone at a Guidance Centre. Guidance Centres also organise events and receive visiting experts.

If you don't know where to start, try the Guidance Centre!