Support from the TE Office

The TE services offer your expert assistance when you are looking for a job or considering your career choices.

Apply for education or training - safeguard your unemployment benefit

Coaching and tools for finding a job

If you are made redundant or finishing your studies, take an active approach to looking for a job from the start. If you decide to take a break, even a couple of months will make it more difficult to find a job.

The TE services provide:

  • help and tools for looking for a job and writing job applications
  • coaching, for example for job interviews.

Once you have registered as a jobseeker with the TE Office, the office can market you to employers who are looking for workers.

Instructions for customers in local government pilots on employment 

If you are a customer of the local government pilot on employment, the experts in your municipality of residence can help and advise you on matters related to finding employment and choosing a career. You can get help with choosing a career from the psychologists of the local government pilot on employment in your municipality of residence. 

If you are interested in finding employment with a pay subsidy, contact your municipality of residence. If your municipality of residence estimates that you need a pay subsidy for finding employment, you can obtain a pay subsidy card from your municipality of residence to show to the employer. If you have not received a pay subsidy card, you can find the information on your possibilities to receive pay subsidy in your employment plan. 

Jobseekers’ services during the local government pilots

Expert help in choosing an occupation and a career

Our vocational guidance and career planning services have expertise in:

  • applying for jobs and education/training
  • content of studies
  • occupations and professional fields
  • development of skills
  • options for funding your studies.

Psychologists at the TE Offices can help you find solutions to questions concerning career choices, work, or education and training. They will work together with you to examine your capabilities, objectives and options regarding education, training and working life.

Assisted by their guidance, you will set your own targets. You will be supported by the entire expertise offered by the TE Office relevant to choosing an occupation and a study programme, working life and professional development. The services are both for young people and adults. They are free of charge, but in many cases you are asked to make an appointment.

If necessary, the following can be included in the services

  • Aptitude tests and other psychological assessment methods will be used to analyse your interests, strengths and characteristics.
  • In a work trial you can try a certain task in practice, allowing you to get a concrete idea of the alternative you are considering and assess how well it suits you.
  • In a training trial you can familiarise yourself with a certain field of study at an educational institution. You can assess how well you are suited for the training or the field in question and whether you would have the necessary capacities to study in this institution.
  • During a recruitment trial you can demonstrate your suitability for the task in question to the employer. The job seeker and employer together should seek guidance on the recruitment trial
  • Career coaching helps to clarify the various options for choosing an occupation and a career, supports students in applying for vocational education and training and develops working life skills through a group service. It may consist of lectures, various practical exercises, questionnaires, simulations and psychological methods.
  • Job coaching offers support in finding a job, concluding an employment contract or establishing an employment relationship.
  • Expert assessments may be medical, psychological or social examinations or assess your capacities for starting a business.

If you become unemployed

If you become unemployed, register as a jobseeker with the TE Office at the latest on the first day of your unemployment by using our online jobseeker form. Register as a jobseeker and edit your job search in 

Oma asiointi (My E-services) service (in Finnish)

If you are aged less than 25, or if you are a recently graduated unemployed jobseeker aged 25–29, your are within the scope of the youth guarantee. Once you have registered as a jobseeker, we will work together with you to draw up a plan on services that will help you find a job. These services will be offered to you once you have been unemployed for a maximum of three months.

You may also receive a pay subsidy card from the TE Office, which will considerably improve your chances of finding a job.

Unemployment security: Persons aged less than 25 who do not have education leading to a qualification and imparting vocational skills (in Finnish)