Disclosure of information for outreach youth work

According to the Youth Act, the TE Office may, among other things, disclose the information of a young person under the age of 29 to a municipality for the purpose of outreach youth work.

The task of outreach youth work in a municipality is to reach a young person who needs support and help them with services and other support that promote

  • growth and independence
  • access to education and the labour market.

The disclosure of information ensures that young people can receive assistance and information on public services that they may need without delay.

Only identification and contact information can be disclosed

The TE Office discloses only the young person's identification and contact information to youth outreach work in the municipality. They may be handed over if the TE Office official considers that the young person needs support without delay in order to receive services and other support.

The information is always disclosed primarily with the young person's consent. Even if consent had not previously been requested, the young person's identification and contact details can be handed over to the outreach youth work of the municipality, on the basis of which the young person can be contacted.

This information includes:

  • name
  • social security number
  • Address, telephone number, email or other information.

Cooperation between authorities in municipalities

Under the Youth Act, municipalities must operate a guidance and service network consisting of different authorities for young people under the age of 29.

Guidance and service network

  • gathers information on young people's growth and living conditions
  • promotes the coordination of services for young people
  • promotes guidance in services and the development, fluency and adequacy of services.

The network does not deal with matters concerning an individual young person.