Join in as a EURES Service Provider

EURES (European Employment Services) is a recruitment and employment service covering the EU / EEA countries. Coordinated by the commission, the EURES network offers:   

In Finland, the EURES service is coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and it is already offered by the TE Office’s

Currently looking for new participants

The EURES network is currently looking for new partners to offer services of international recruitment and employment. The new collaborators may also be providers of other services in international mobility.

The new service providers fund their activities in a market-driven manner. EURES services may charge a fee from the employer, but not from the jobseeker.

How does EURES help businesses and employers?

EURES Finland helps businesses and employers find international experts.  

The tailored EURES service consists of needs assessment, starting of the recruitment process, support for employers throughout the recruiting process, as well as time and guidance for employees from outside the country.

Recruitment can be selectively targeted at specific countries whose own EURES network supports the process.

The EURES portal and national employment sites are also available for the marketing of individual jobs.

The EURES recruitment service starts from the needs of employers. EURES Finland arranges various network recruitment events in Finland every year. Employers and businesses located in Finland can also take part in events organised by other countries and vice versa.

How does EURES help jobseekers?

Information on job search in other EU / EEA countries

In addition to vacancies, the EURES portal contains information on work and life in a specific country:

The EURES portal

When EU / EEA employers are looking for workers from Finland, a notification will also be published on the TE Services website.

Available jobs

EURES arranges recruitment events in Finland for employers from the EU / EEA countries looking to recruit, for instance, amusement park workers to France, teachers to Sweden, recreational instructors to Spain and seasonal workers to Germany.

Why join the EURES network as a Service Provider?  

New participants can:  

  • take advantage of vacancies in the EURES portal in their own activities directed at their own target groups of applicants;
  • offer international recruiting services for their employer target groups by using the EURES network, EURES recruitment events, and information on applicants on the EURES portal;  
  • offer other services in connection with recruitment, such as relocation services as well as training and coaching for employers and jobseekers.

The participating collaborators use the EURES trademark and brand appearance while on the network.

The EURES collaborators provide the network with

  • vacancies that are significant from an international point of view,
  • applications and CVs significant from the perspective of international recruitment,
  • provide EURES support services for applicable jobseekers and employers.

EURES operators designate one or more contact points for their services for employees and employers. The operators’ information is published on the EURES portal.

What are the support services for employers?

The support services for EURES participants may contain some / all of the following:   

  • information and advice on recruitment from other EU / EEA countries   
  • information about the rules relating to recruitment from another member state or guidance in finding such information
  • information, help and individual guidance in formulating vacancy advertisements  
  • recruitment services
  • other services such as training, coaching and relocation services.

There may be a charge for EURES services directed at employers.

What are the support services for jobseekers?

EURES support services for jobseekers can include:   

  • information and guidance about jobs
  • information on living and working in the target country, or guidance on how to find such information.  
  • help in writing applications and CVs.
  • support in finding suitable jobs
  • services after the recruitment process.

EURES services are free of charge for jobseekers.

How are the activities of EURES network monitored?

Each operator prepares a general action plan, as well as a report at the end of the season.

Information on the activities and related changes, as well as actions taken, will be sent to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment as agreed.

The Finnish EURES network works together and in a coordinated manner, and training is organised for the EURES network of Finland and the other countries.

How is the technical side taken care of? Joining the EURES network and portal

Preparations are being made for one coordinated channel through which available vacancies and information on the jobseekers’ profiles of all EURES participants will be moved from Finland to the EURES portal. The participants can then utilise the same information on their own websites and vacancy listings.

Finland will deploy a technical infrastructure in connection with the EURES portal, which members and collaborators can then use for transferring their information.

Participants involved in the coordinated and protected transfer of information on vacancies and jobseeker’s profiles to the EURES portal will set up a technical infrastructure required in each country for joining the coordinated channel.

How to apply for the network?

To become a service provider on the EURES network, please fill in the attached form.

Application form (, in Finnish)

The application is ongoing and free of charge. The processing time is approximately two weeks.

Further information

Laura Perheentupa, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (, tel. + 358 50 396 1026): questions on joining the EURES network