Information for those who have started their studies

You have agreed with the TE Office on a service called independent study supported by unemployment benefit. In the E-Services, you can see a plan prepared together with a TE Office expert (My Plan) and a labour policy statement sent by the TE Office to the payer of the unemployment benefit (My unemployment security information). Logging in to E-Services is done using online banking IDs, a smart ID card or a mobile certificate.

Please remember that the person participating in the service also has obligations that you must take care of. The obligation of a person studying with the support of unemployment benefit is to:

  • participate in lessons 
  • progress in their studies: on average 5 credits per study month in higher education studies, in other studies on the basis of a training or study plan (on average, 3 credits / month or 4.5 competence points / month or at least 25 h / week)
  • inform the TE Office of the progress of the studies as agreed
  • immediately notify the TE Office if the studies do not progress as planned.

Those studying with unemployment benefits must also remember to:

  • inform the TE Office without delay of any temporary interruption of studies for a fixed period (e.g. due to long-term sick leave, family leave or long-term work), as the support period expires until the interruption is reported. The TE Office will assess the validity of your reason.
  • inform the TE Office of the continuation of studies after a temporary interruption
  • report any full-time work lasting more than two weeks
  • immediately notify the TE Office if the studies are completely discontinued before graduation or before the planned completion of the studies
  • announce the completion of the studies and, if requested by the TE Office, present a certificate of the completed studies.

Monitoring the progress of studies

When preparing the plan with an expert from the TE Office, you have agreed on the date and method of monitoring the progress of your studies. You can find the monitoring dates for your studies in the E-Services.

You can report the progress of your studies through the E-Services or by submitting documents demonstrating the progress of your studies to the TE Office. If you do not notify the TE Office of the progress of the studies in the agreed manner and within the agreed time, the TE Office will issue a statement that the studies can no longer be supported starting from the monitoring date and that the payment of unemployment benefits will end.

When monitoring the progress of studies, only studies completed during the support period are taken into account, for example, not credits obtained from previous studies or work history.

If, according to the report received, the studies have not progressed sufficiently, the TE Office considers that the studies cannot be considered as studies supported by an unemployment benefit. The right to benefit may be refused retroactively from the date on which you have neglected the studies specified in the curriculum. If you find it difficult to proceed in your studies, contact the TE Office.

If we need further clarifications regarding your studies, we will contact you either by email or by phone. Please ensure in E-Services that your phone number and email address are up to date.