TE-live – interactive recruitment

TE-live is a TE service that produces live broadcasts of job vacancies, various themes in working life and training opportunities. With the help of TE-live it is easy to make workplaces visible through open and inspiring communication. TE-live is also used to market the TE Office's own services.

Take ownership of your job search

When you are relying on the information in a traditional job advertisement, many questions may be left unanswered. Although it is often possible to call the employer and request more information about the vacancy, it is not always easy to ask all your questions over the phone – not to mention getting satisfactory answers. It can also be difficult to get an idea of the culture in the workplace, the values of the company or even what your future colleagues might be like.

When you follow the broadcast online, you can ask questions about the job and the application process anonymously. Our presenter will raise your question from the chat to the discussion. You will also hear answers to questions from other jobseekers that you might not think to ask yourself.

Based on the discussion, you can form a view of both the employer and the open position, and whether the position suits your wishes and strengths. This will help you prepare your application and prepare for a possible interview, as you do not need to guess what experience and qualities the employer values or whether there are any barriers to you doing the job.

You can follow the live broadcasts on Facebook, YouTube and the TE-live website.
If you are unable to participate in the live broadcast, you can watch the recording later. Even if the actual recruitment for the position has already closed, you can take advantage of the broadcast recording in making an open application. No employer will take offence if they are approached by a motivated, well-informed jobseeker!

Participating in the recruitment event through TE-live offers a great opportunity to show initiative and interest to the employer.

Efficient recruitment

As an employer in the TE-live broadcast, you can give more details about the vacancy, what your organisation offers as a workplace and why people should want to work there. Applicants will be able to familiarise themselves with the vacancy in advance, allowing you to receive better applications from those who are excited about the job and are likely to be suitable for it.

During the broadcast, viewers will have access to a chat through which applicants can post questions regarding the vacancy. The presenter raises the questions from the chat to the discussion. Applicants get answers to their questions at an early stage, and this way, as an employer, you also save time and effort during the actual search. As an employer you can make more effective use of the interview situation when the candidate has already received answers to many of his or her questions and is therefore better able to prepare.

Remote access allows you to join our live broadcast from your office or home office.

A recording of the live broadcast will remain in our video library. A jobseeker browsing our video archives may be inspired by the recording to apply for a job in your organisation, even if there is no recruitment in progress at the moment.