Training and coaching

The TE Office can support you in finding employment with short-term training and coaching. The training and coaching offered includes job search training, career coaching and job coaching.

Job search training will teach you skills that you need to look for work independently and in a goal-oriented manner. The training includes assessing your competence and composing a job application and a CV based on it. It also involves determining how companies recruit staff, what are the channels for looking for a job that are best suited for you and how are they used. After taking part in the training, you will also know where to find information about the job market, companies and jobs.

Career coaching is intended for you if you
• have no vocational education
• are unsure about your career choices
• are changing your career
• are considering becoming an entrepreneur
• are returning to the job market
You can find the job search training and career coaching that are about to start as well as instructions on how to apply to them in the events calendar of the TE Offices.

Coaching and training in the events calendar (in Finnish)

Job coaching
Are you uncertain about how to market your competence and interest to employers? Are you getting tired of not being asked for an interview or getting feedback on your applications despite your active job search? Do you feel like the employer might be prejudiced against hiring you even though there is nothing wrong with your competence and attitude? The services of a job coach can help you. A job coach is a support person for job search who advices and supports you in searching for a job and finding employment.