Travel and accommodation expenses and travel allowance

The TE Office may reimburse your expenses when you need to travel to look for a job or have to relocat to accept one.

Reimbursement of travel expenses when looking for a job

If you are an unemployed jobseeker and need to travel to look for a job the TE Office may reimburse your travel and accommodation expenses on condition  that the reimbursement is deemed necessary in order for you to find a job it is expedient in terms of labour availability.

Your travel and accommodation expenses may be reimbursed when you need to travel to attend a job interview in Finland, the EU or the EEA, if the minimum duration of the employment relationship is two weeks and your working hours are at least 18 hours a week.

Reimbursement of travel expenses 

If you are an unemployed jobseeker, the TE Office may reimburse your travel and accommodation expenses when you travel to

  • an admission event or aptitude test for labour market training
  • an educational institution before starting labour market training, if you have a disability or an illness that requires you to establish whether the institution is accessible and suitable
  • meet an employer to agree on a work trial
  • an educational institution to agree on a training trial
  • attend an expert assessment
  • the TE Office to draw up or review your employment plan or equivalent plan or to receive vocational guidance and career planning service, and you need transport services because you have a disability or an illness.

Amount of travel expenses reimbursed

The maximum travel allowance sum is based on the kilometres travelled multiplied by EUR 0.21. Reimbursements exceeding EUR 12 are paid in full, the maximum amount being EUR 200.

Accommodation expenses are reimbursed based on actual expenses. The maximum amount reimbursed is EUR 80 a day.

Applying for and payment of reimbursement

Contact the TE Office to apply for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses within a month of the date when you returned.

The TE Office may grant a full or partial reimbursement as an advance payment.

Application for reimbursement need to be handed in withing a month of the date of the travel. Please fill in the applciation and deliver it to your local TE Office via electronically or on paper.

Contact information  can be found from the local offices web pages. Choose your own area and choose "Yhteystiedot" from navigation. 

Local TE-offices

Notice in the coronavirus situation

The eligibility criteria for the commuting and relocation allowance have been changed temporarily. The temporary change will be in effect between 12th June 2020 and 30th September 2021.

You can get a commuting and relocation allowance in either of the following two situations:

  • your daily commute to and from work takes more than two hours or
  • you move a comparable distance to be closer to your place of work.

The rest of the eligibility criteria are the same.

Mobility subsidy

You may receive mobility subsidy for expenses caused by accepting employment. The subsidy is paid by an unemployment fund or Kela.

To receive mobility subsidy,

  • you must be entitled to unemployment benefit
  • the work must last at least two months and regular working hours must be at least 18 hours per week
  • the duration of your commute is on average over 3 hours a day, or 2 hours a day for part-time employment.

Mobility subsidy may also be granted for part-time work if the working hours total at less than 18 hours per week. For part-time work, the mobility subsidy is paid for completed working days. You may not receive mobility subsidy for a period exceeding the maximum duration even if the subsidy was only paid for individual days. If other conditions are met, the mobility subsidy may also be granted for training related to work if participating in it is a requirement for starting a job. The mobility subsidy is equal to a basic unemployment allowance. The subsidy is graded according to the duration of employment.

Jobseekers with children may be paid a mobility subsidy with a child supplement. Everyone is also entitled to a supplementary allowance of the mobility subsidy if their workplace or the place where training related to the job is located over 200 kilometres from the person's place of residence or his or her place of residence before moving.

As from the beginning of 2018, you may also apply for the subsidy after training or work has already started. The same three-month deadline applies to the subsidy as with earnings-related allowance. For more information about the mobility subsidy and applying for it, please see the websites of Kela and unemployment funds.  

Apply the subsidy from your unemployment fund or Kela.