EURES - How to recruit workers from Finland

If you are an employer interested in recruiting workers from Finland, the details of a vacancy can be notified to

  • the national job vacancy database of the Finnish employment service.
    This can be done by sending the job advertisement to:
  • Alternatively you may also wish to contact a EURES adviser in Finland.
    The employer will be asked to fill in a Job advertisement form.
    This form needs to be filled in and sent to the local EURES adviser who sends it to EURES Finland.

If you are based in one of the EU/EEA member countries other than Finland, details of your nearest EURES adviser can be found through the EURES portal or via your local employment office. Through the EURES adviser, details of a vacancy can be notified to the EURES job vacancy database making it available in all EU/EEA member countries. Special attention to a vacancy can be communicated through the EURES adviser network.

The EURES portal contains also an online CV database with potential candidates for the vacancy from EEA countries, also from Finland.