Employer's duty to provide information about foreign workers

When employing a worker who is not a European Union citizen, the employer must notify the TE Office without delay.

The duty to provide information does not depend on the type of residence permit the worker has, and it applies equally to work performed subject to a visa requirement or without a visa.

The information must include the worker's key employment conditions and an assurance of the conditions being compliant with the collective agreement.

Compliance with the duty to provide information is supervised by the occupational safety and health authorities. The employer may submit this information to any TE Office branch. The information may be freely worded, or it may be provided as a photocopy of the employment contract or on a form attached to the work permit application.

  • The shop steward and occupational safety representative of the workplace must also be informed of the foreign worker's name and the collective agreement applicable to him or her.
  • The employer must keep this information on file for four years from the date on which the foreign worker's employment relationship ends.
  • When the employee is engaged in contracting or subcontracting activities or is an agency worker, the project supervisor or main customer of the the work operating in Finland must fulfil the employer's duties.