Developing an international work community

TE Services also provides paid support services for companies that feature an international work community.

The coaching and training is acquired by the Labour Mobility in Europe (ESR) project in collaboration with the TE Office, client company and training provider. The employer only pays for 30–50% of the total training cost. The rest is provided as de minimis aid by the Labour Mobility in Europe (ESR) project.

International work community coaching

Coaching for companies that have or will soon have foreign employees or whose staff includes different nationalities.

International work community coaching

  • increases the expertise of supervisors who manage diverse work communities
  • promotes intercultural interaction and communication within the work community
  • facilitates the integration of foreign employees
  • supports the employer in the orientation of foreign employees
  • increases a company’s international readiness
  • helps in encounters with multicultural customers.

The contents and objectives of the coaching are tailored according to the wishes and needs of the client company and those participating in the coaching.  

Workplace Finnish or Swedish

Training for companies that have foreign employees or whose staff includes different nationalities who need help for improving their Finnish or Swedish language skills.

Workplace Finnish or Workplace Swedish training increases the readiness of foreign employees who want to work in Finnish or Swedish in their own profession.

Those who participate in the training will increase their motivation and skills as their language skills develop, which also benefits their employer.

All language training is tailored according to the participant’s language skill level, professional demands and needs.