Application Process for residence permit applications for an employed person

Initiation of an application

An application for a residence permit can only be initiated by an employee. An application for a residence permit is submitted electronically through the Enter Finland service or through a paper application submitted to a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate). If the employee is in Finland, the application may be submitted to a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. If the application has been submitted in an electronic service, the applicant must visit a Finnish mission or a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service to prove his or her identity and present the original copies of the appendices to the application. If an extension has been applied for in the Enter Finland service, the applicant does not have to visit a service point to prove his or her identity and leave his or her fingerprints if strong electronic authentication has been used.

For more information about using Enter Finland
Enter Finland for employers, in Finnish (pdf)

A residence permit application for an employed person must be accompanied by an appendix form of the TE Office (TEM054), which is signed by the employer and in which the employer assurances the central terms of the employment relationship as required by the Aliens Act. The TEM054 appendix form attached to the application is electronically available to the TE Office and it does not need to be submitted separately to the TE Office. The TEM054 form lists the attachments that are most commonly needed to process a residence permit application. Attaching attachments to an application will speed up the processing of the application at the TE Office.

For more information on completing the TEM054:
Instructions for completing the TEM054 form, in Finnish, (pdf)

For more information on the delivery of other attachments:
Appendices to the employee's residence permit application, in Finnish, (pdf)

Partial decision of the TE Office

A residence permit application for an employed person is processed in two stages. TE Office will make a partial decision on the matter, after which the residence permit decision will be made by the Finnish Immigration Service.

The processing time of applications in TE Offices varies regionally according to the workload. Possible additional clarifications from the employer and/or applicant might prolong the process. The time limit for processing the application will be interrupted if TE Office has to request further clarification, so please ensure that all the appendices mentioned in the TEM054 form have been delivered with the application.

TE Office's partial decision is based on overall assessment, which includes the availability of labour, the terms of employment relationship and the assessment of the employer's and employee’s qualifications. The employee´s subsistence must be determined. If there is no collective agreement in the work sector, gross salary must meet at least the condition regarding previous employment (in Finnish: ‘työssäoloehto’) under the Unemployment Security Act.

Further information on TE Office's partial decision

Notification of the decision by the Finnish Immigration Agency

The Finnish Immigration Service will notify the applicant. Both the residence permit decision and the TE Office's partial decision will be notified. Your employer will also be informed of the decision.

Right of appeal

Appeals to the decision of the Finnish Immigration Service may be lodged with the Administrative Court. Both the applicant and the employer have the right to appeal. The employer can only appeal the partial decision. If the employer intends to make an appeal on the employee's residence permit decision, the employer must have a written power of attorney issued by the employee for that purpose.

Appeal instructions will be attached to the decision you receive. The instructions specify the Administrative Court to which you may appeal, the appeal period, the attachments needed, and the ways you may submit your appeal to the Administrative Court.

Further information on appeals can be found on the Finnish Immigration Service's website (