Work Permit Services

Welcome to the nationwide website of the TE Offices’ work permit services. This website contains information about handling of residence permit applications for an employed persons (TTOL) at the TE Offices and information about employment of foreigners in Finland.  

The right to work in Finland is determined by nationality. An employee who is not a citizen of an EU country, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland usually needs either a residence permit for an employed person or another type of residence permit which entitles for gainful employment. Some specifically mentioned tasks in the Aliens Act can be performed for a limited period of time with visa or visa-free.

Residence permit for an employed person is issued in two stages. TE Office makes a partial decision of the residence permit application for an employed person (TTOL) and the Finnish Immigration Service makes the residence permit decision. The TE Offices’ partial decision is based on overall assessment, which includes the availability of labour, the terms of the employment relationship and assessment of employers' and employees’ qualifications. Employees’ income through gainful employment must also be secured.

The residence permit applications for and employed persons (TTOL) are centrally processed in the TE Offices of Northern Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa, Southeast Finland and Uusimaa. In Åland Islands, the applications are processed by Ålands arbetsmarknads- and studieservicemyndighet (The Åland Labour Market and Student Service Authority).