Expert services for your needs

Your service needs will be assessed after you have registered as a jobseeker and if you become unemployed, are laid off or your work time is reduced to a shortened work week during your job search, and no changes are expected to take place in your situation for the next 3 months.

  • If you are a citizen of Finland the assessment of your service needs is completed online in the TE Offices E-services. In other cases the assessment will be carried out at the TE Office.
  • Follow the instructions provided in E-services. If you do not respond by answering the questions in your service needs assessment by the given deadline, your job search will be discontinued.

The answers you provide in your service needs assessment will be of help when you draw up and employment plan which will support your job search. 

Employment plan  

Based on your answers as well as factors that predetermine the possibility of employment we will assess what service you will need.
If you are aware of changes that will affect your situation within the next three months and notify the TE Office of these changes, you may not need personal services from our expert.

Employment and Business Services will provide assistance when you have work experience, sufficient professional skills and you are searching for work in Finland and EU Member States that will correspond with your prior work experience.

You may need

  • advice on your job search
  • help in establishing an enterprise
  • support in determining your professional skills and competence.

Competence Development Services will provide information and assistance when you need more training and skills or when you are planning a change of profession or field.

You may need

  • vocational guidance and career planning
  • vocational training
  • work supported with a pay subsidy
  • education  and work try-outs and career coaching.

Supported Employment Services will provide assistance when you need health care or other services in addition to TE Services. You will receive one-on-one support in gaining an understanding of the requirements and rules of working life or for being able to act in a work community.

You may need

  • the services of a job coach
  • a work try-out
  • work supported with a pay subsidy
  • rehabilitative work activities.