Trade unions can also apply for pay security electronically

30 January 2020

On 29 January 2020, the local government e-service published an electronic application for pay security that trade unions can use to apply for pay security on behalf of their members. To use the service, the person acting on behalf of the union needs to log in using online banking codes, mobile certificate or a certificate card. At the moment, the service is only available for submitting a pay security application, and for the time being, other services related to pay security are mainly carried out via e-mail and letter.

The authorisation to act on behalf of the applicant union is granted in the service where you can find more information on the matter. If the authorisation has not been granted in advance, the application process starts by entering the business ID of the applicant union and confirming that the person is authorised to act on behalf of the union.

Link to e-services:

Local government e-service,  (in Finnish) 

Granting authorisations: (in Finnish) 

More information: (in Finnish) 

E-mail: palkkaturva.uusimaa(at)

Pay security customer service: tel. +358 295 020 020 (weekdays 12–15)