Employer: Also report optional information to the Incomes Register


Unemployment funds introduced the Incomes Register at the beginning of 2020. This will mean that unemployment funds will primarily use the Incomes Register to obtain the wage information for a member who is applying for unemployment security.

The employer may report either limited or extensive salary information to the Incomes Register. In addition, the employer may export voluntary information to the Incomes Register, such as working hours, earning periods, or absences.

Extensive salary information and voluntary information on working hours, earning periods, and absences are essential for resolving the unemployment security matter. An unemployment fund can only solve an unemployment security matter based on the information in the Incomes Register if extensive and voluntary information has been entered in the register. If the information cannot be found in the Incomes Register, the unemployment fund will request a separate clarification on the missing information.

This hinders the payment of earnings-related daily allowance and causes additional work for the employer.

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