The TE Services will implement an electronic exchange of information on matters regarding international benefits


The TE Services have introduced an electronic exchange system for social security data, EESSI, since February.

EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information) is a new system for the exchange of information between social security institutions in EU countries. It is used to deal with social security issues relating to more than one country. In the TE Services, the exchange of information applies particularly to the export of unemployment benefit of those unemployed people who travel to other EU / ETA countries or Switzerland in search of work.

Around 15,000 social security organisations in 32 countries are gradually implementing the EESSI. Social security authorities in countries that use the electronic data exchange can transfer data to each other through the system quickly and safely. In addition to the EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are also involved in the exchange of information. The system replaces the current paper-based exchange of information and streamlines the flow of information. Electronic information exchange is more secure and speeds up the processing of social security benefits in international cases.

For the implementation of the system, each EU country has established a national contact point. Kela is responsible for Finland's contact point. The contact point is used to transfer information between social security institutions in Finland and other countries.