Enterprise Finland’s Talousapu advisory service advises companies facing payment difficulties


The Talousapu advisory service provides guidance on what to do in situations caused by the coronavirus crisis

The national telephone number for the Talousapu advisory service is + 358 295024880 (weekdays 9:00–16:00)

 Enterprise Finland Talousapu advisory service (suomi.fi)

See also the corona guidelines for entrepreneurs compiled and continuously updated by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises

 The complete guide to coronavirus for entrepreneurs (yrittajat.fi)

The Enterprise Finland telephone service advises both starting-up and already-established companies in the different stages of their business activities

The national telephone number for the Enterprise Finland telephone service is 0295 020 500 (weekdays 9:00–16:15)

 Enterprise Finland telephone service (suomi.fi)

Information for rural entrepreneurs

 Preparations for coronavirus in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (mmm.fi)

 Coronavirus COVID-19 (ruokavirasto.fi)

 How does the coronavirus affect the farmers’ holiday and stand-in scheme? (mela.fi) (in Finnish)

The Arts Promotion Centre is arranging coronavirus income support for freelancers, free artists and self-employed people who have lost income, as these groups often do not have earnings-related income security

 The Arts Promotion Centre is arranging coronavirus income support for those who have lost income (news article by the Arts Promotion Centre on 17 March 2020)

Other useful links

 Change security specialists at TE Offices (te-palvelut.fi)

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