Our telephone services are busy


Due to calls related to coronavirus, our national telephone services have been congested.

Please contact us by phone only if you are unable to use the E-services. In the E-services, you can see how your case has progressed and you can submit a request for contact.

To the E-services (in Finnish or Swedish)

See also if you can find the answer to your question in the FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the effects of coronavirus on TE services

Tips from telephone services

We answer calls in the order they arrive. If you disconnect the call, you will lose your place in the queue, so attempting to call multiple times in a row will not result in faster access to the service.

Monday is always a particularly busy day, and you should be prepared for queueing. If you are offered a callback option, you should choose it – you will be called back the same day.

In regard to registering as a job seeker and processing unemployment security matters, it should be noted that we are serving a large number of customers at the moment and there are abnormal delays in the processing of cases. We're doing everything we can to process your case as fast as possible, but we cannot hurry anyone at the expense of anyone else. You can monitor the progress in your case in the E-services.

See also the service instructions by region

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