If your lay-off continues for an extended period of time


Some of those who were laid off due to coronavirus have already been able to return to work, but for many others, the lay-off continues. If your lay-off continues for an extended period of time, what should you take into account?

Make sure your job search is still active

When you started your job search, you may have indicated the end date of your lay-off. If the lay-off has continued after this date, or your lay-off situation has otherwise changed, please notify the TE Office. The easiest way to notify the TE Office and to check your information is through the E-Services. Your job search needs to be active in order for you to qualify for unemployment benefits.

The maximum period of daily allowance will not be running during the rest of the year

There is a maximum period for how long daily allowance can be paid. Normally, the maximum period is between 300 and 500 days. However, you do not have to worry about the maximum period during the rest of the year, as the maximum period will not be running at all before the end of the year. The temporary legislative amendment due to coronavirus entered into force in March for new lay-offs and at the beginning of July for all recipients of earnings-related daily allowance.

The maximum period begins to run again at the beginning of 2021. If you are partially employed, the maximum period is running only on the days you have been laid-off.

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