Facing unemployment


If you become unemployed or are laid off, register as an unemployed jobseeker immediately in the TE Services' E-Services – you can register before your unemployment or lay-off begins.

Registration can no longer be done retrospectively.

To be eligible for unemployment benefit, you must put your job search into force so that you are able to receive unemployment benefit from the unemployment fund or Kela.

Your rights as an unemployed jobseeker

When you have registered as an unemployed jobseeker, you are entitled to

  • TE Office’s services for unemployed jobseekers
  • unemployment benefits, if you meet the other requirements
  • help in finding employment.

There are also obligations related to unemployment benefits

The TE Office will help you find employment, but will also make sure that you apply for work as required by law. If you apply for or receive unemployment benefits, you have to apply for full-time work. In addition, make sure you fulfil your obligations in order not to lose your right to unemployment benefit for a fixed period or until further notice. One of the obligations is to keep your job search valid, which is an absolute prerequisite for unemployment benefit.

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Facing unemployment

How to start looking for jobs

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The rights and obligations of an unemployed jobseeker


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