Employment Bulletin: 314,500 unemployed jobseekers in November


  • A total of 314,500 unemployed jobseekers were registered at Employment and Economic Development Offices at the end of November. This was 86,000 more than a year earlier.
  • The number of unemployed jobseekers increased by 1,800 from the previous month.

Laid off

  • At the end of November, the number of people laid off was 76,400 in the whole country, which was 55,700 more than at the same time the year before.
  • The number of people fully laid off increased by 800 from October.

Long-term unemployed

  • •The number of long-term unemployed — that is those who had been unemployed without interruption for at least a year — amounted to 85,300, up 24,200 on the previous year.

New vacancies

  • The number of new vacancies reported to Employment and Economic Development Offices during November totalled 49,400, or 7,200 fewer than in November the previous year.
  • In all, the number of unfilled vacancies at Employment and Economic Development Offices in November amounted to 91,400, showing a decrease of 19,500 from last year.

Unemployment rate

  • The unemployment rate was 6.9%, or 0.9 percentage points higher than the previous year.

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