Almost one-half of tax card revisions are made online – have a try yourself

In December and January, the Tax Administration sends the new 2014 tax cards to everyone by post. The cards become effective in February. If the card you receive by post is not satisfactory, you can go online to ask for changes.

We send the tax cards for next year to everyone older than 15. Deliveries are going to be completed by mid-January. The effective date of the new cards is 1 February 2014. This means that in January 2014, employees and employers must continue to use the old 2013 tax cards. No 2013 income will affect the withholding rate for January 2014.

Tax cards sent automatically to some 4.6 million individuals are usually ready for use and do not require changes. However, we recommend that you check all the income and deduction information that is printed on it.  

Use your own printer to get a new tax card

Have you had any changes in your income or other circumstances? Changes in life may mean that the card you receive by post is not satisfactory. Visit taxcard to log in to Tax Card Online, the quick and easy way to ask for a revised card.  You can either print it out yourself or ask for it to be delivered to you by post: either to your home address or to your employer's address. Self-printed tax cards are ready for use.  You are entitled to ask for a revised card at any time during the year.

Currently, almost one-half of all tax card revisions are made online. Many of them are also printed online by the individual taxpayers themselves. During the peak season, the proportion of online users goes up, reaching some 13,000 per day. The number of online tax cards has grown steadily ever since the online e-service was launched. From late 2012 onwards, the additional self-printing option has been offered, and this, too, has contributed to the popularity growth of Tax Card Online.

New procedures for more simplicity  

Starting 2014, employees are no longer required to present their paper-printed tax cards to employers, on the condition that a direct online transfer of withholding information from the Tax Administration has been requested by the employer. Your employer will inform you whether a paper copy is going to be necessary. However, if you have obtained a revised tax card, you must always present it to your employer.

The cards have an 'A' alternative denoting the usual scheme of withholding based on separate income ceilings for each pay period, and a 'B' alternative, which refers to the option you have to ask for a withholding scheme based on one single income ceiling for the entire year. The simplified procedure implies that employers will automatically use the 'A' alternative as the default value, and that they only use the 'B' alternative if the employee has asked for it. It also means that there is no longer any necessity to give the tax card to the employer merely to confirm the employee's selection between the 'A' and 'B' alternatives.

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At, you find a lot of information about how to get a new tax card. Ask Verotiimi about tax cards in Suomi24 net community. Launch the Withholding Calculator to check whether your current withholding rate is correct. To perform a test without actually contacting the tax office to get a new card, start the Demo version of Tax Card Online at taxcard.