Tax cards for 2015 arriving soon

The Tax Administration sends the 2015 tax cards to all individuals who are older than 15. You should receive yours by 14 January. It is valid from 1 February 2015. Your existing 2014 card will continue to be valid in January for determining the withholding of tax on your income.

These cards do not become effective until February, so you must continue using your 2014 tax card in January 2015. On the old cards, the income progression is reset to zero on 1 January 2015, and the withholding of tax on your January income is based on the basic rate, not on an increased rate — which means that you will not need a new tax card for the income you receive in January.

You don't have to hand over a paper copy of your tax card to your employer anymore, if they receive their employees' tax card details electronically from the Tax Administration. Your employer informs you about this.

However, if you have asked for a revision of your tax card, you must always hand over the paper copy of the new, revised card to your employer. We recommend giving the card to your employer well in advance of your next payday.

Tax cards sent automatically to some 4.6 million individuals are usually ready for use and do not require changes.  However, we recommend that you check all the background income and deduction information.

Have you had any changes in your income or other circumstances? Changes in life may mean that the card you receive by post does not suit your situation. Visit taxcard to launch Tax Card Online, the quick and easy way to ask for a revised card.

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