Private labour recruitment services and the provision of agency and interim labour on the rise


Labour recruitment services and particularly the provision of agency and interim labour continue to increase in Finland. As a whole, the sector is extremely important for our country’s business life, as, for example, there are a total of 1,405 offices in the whole sector and about 1,200 companies. The sector employs an average of over 35,000 people and the turnover amounts to about EUR 1.6 billion. For young people, a labour recruitment company is an important route into the labour market.

'Roughly 95 per cent of the companies that in the official sector classification work in the employment sector, provide agency and interim services. Private labour recruitment accounts for only around five per cent of the entire sector', says Sector Manager Timo Metsä-Tokila of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Southwest Finland.

According to the SME Barometer and labour market experts, the future of the sector looks to be positive. The significance of the sector will grow in our country. Growth will occur as a result of the trend in the public sector to outsource its services as well as the fact that the nature of work will change due to technology and digitalisation.

This is apparent in the Labour recruitment services - Sector report on labour recruitment and the SME Barometer on business services published by the MEE Business Sector Services on 11 November 2016.