Delays in the payment of start-up grant and pay subsidy

23 January 2017

The employment package, which entered into force at the beginning of 2017, has had unexpectedly major effects on our support and payment systems. The implementation of the employment package written into the Government Programme has caused index changes and conversions in start-up grant and pay subsidy decisions made by TE Offices. 

These have led to large amounts of work for our system specialists and it will be some time before the package is adopted as part of production. We hope to conduct production tests this week. Our aim is to implement the changes caused by the employment package in support and payment systems by the end of January.

Unfortunately, for our customers this delay means that start-up grant and pay subsidy payments cannot be made in January. They cannot even be processed, due to delays in index runs and conversions. We apologise to our customers for the delay. In the case of payment periods that ended in December 2016, applications can be submitted and payments made without delay. 

For payment periods that end in January 2017, applications may be submitted normally, but we will not be able to process them until February. We hope to be able to process as many start-up grant applications submitted to us as possible by the first payment date in February. Due to the large number of applications, it is nonetheless likely that some applications will be left until the other payment date in late February. 

Applications for the pay subsidy will be processed in their order of arrival. Applicants should prepare for the fact that it will take several weeks to work through the queue. Applicants should not delay their payment applications, as we will be able to process them rather quickly once the system enables us to do so. We ask for our customers’ patience and encourage them to check our website for up-to-date information on this issue.

Development and Administrative Services Centre, KEHA-Centre

We will make an immediate announcement if we encounter further delays and when we resume making payments.

Pauliina Smolander
Payments Manager