The vacancy search and the search for vocational labour market training programmes have been renewed


The TE-services vacancy search and the search for vocational labour market training programmes (the ones that are open for applications and the ones that have started recently) have been renewed. The search services are available in Finnish and in Swedish.  

The look and the user interface of the services have changed in a way that they are now easy to use on different web browsers, on a computer, on a tablet and on a mobile device. The existing mobile version will be removed as the new version for browser will adapt to different screen sizes.

In addition to the existing functionalities in the new Avoimet työpaikat (vacancies) -service:

  • you will see which three municipalities have the most vacancies, by clicking the Location-field
  • you share the information on a vacancy via social media after you have chosen to open the job advertisement for reading.  

The map used by the search services is now Google, which means that you can save the advertisements with a specific address and link the advertisement to the saved location on you Google-account.

The menu in all of the search services contains an instruction manual for the different features of the service.

Keep up to date on latest vacancies and on vocational labour market training programmes open for applications

If you have subscribed to the old versions of Paikkavahti (vacancy watch service) or Työvoimakoulutusvahti (watch service for vocational labour market training programmes), remember to make new Vahti-subscriptions, as the old ones will be removed by the end of May.

If you have saved the search services to the favourites on your browser, remember to replace them with the new ones.

If you would like to have the vacancies matching your search criteria as soon as the advertisement is published, you can order them as an RSS-feed to your email or to your browser.

Support for the use of the services:

Telephone service for personal customers