Private operators join employment service network EURES


With an act approved by the Parliament, the EU- and EEA-wide recruiting and employment service network EURES is being opened for private operators. In the future, EURES network operators may include companies and third sector organisations that apply and are approved to join the EURES network.  

The objective is to increase labour mobility and the availability of skilled labour. The new operators of the network provide new services in international recruitment and employment and other services supporting mobility in cooperation with the current EURES network.

So far, EURES has operated in Finland and elsewhere in the EU and EEA as a network composed of public recruitment and employment services. In Finland, the EURES network consists of the TE services. 

New members and partners will be able to take advantage of the vast EURES databases of jobseekers and CVs, as well as job advertisements, cooperation within the EURES network and Europe-wide network recruitment events. With the EURES network, they can also provide supplementary services of international recruitment: relocation services, training and coaching. 

Applications to join the network are processed continuously. Application forms and more detailed information can be found at

Join in as a EURES Service Provider

The decision on being accepted to the EURES network is made in Finland by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.
The free mobility of labour is a central principle of the EU. EURES provides information, advice and services for employers and employees for finding a suitable job or employee. EURES is managed by the European Commission.

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