Activate messages for a jobseeker on 9 September 2019

As a user of the Messages Service, you will be able to receive most letters sent to you by the TE Services (including job offers and requests to provide additional information for unemployment security) in electronic format. By using the Messages service, you will receive documents sent by the TE Services to you faster. As a user of the Service, you have already been able to receive labour policy statements sent to you by a TE Office in electronic format. The TE Services may deliver documents to the network service, the development of which is a responsibility of the Population Registration Centre.

The Messages is a secure way to communicate with the organisations of the public administration. All messages and their attachments are sent via a secure route. The user of the service is authenticated using strong authentication (bank identification codes, a mobile ID).

In order for you to start using the service, you must give you consent to electronic communication. The consent that you give concerns all authorities taken as whole which have joined the Messages service.

For more information on the service and on how to start using it, visit our website at The service can also be used via a mobile application. If new information is available to you in the service, and if you are a user of the service, you will receive an email or notification. During the transition period, documents sent by TE Services will also be delivered through traditional paper mail, even if you had subscribed to the Messages service. 

Please note that decisions, for instance, on business a start-up allowances, will be delivered via traditional paper mail.