Minister of Employment: Employment package to boost employment and increase inclusion


“The Government has agreed in its budget session on significant investments to promote employment. A comprehensive employment package will boost employment and offer services that meet the individual needs of jobseekers,” says Minister of Employment Timo Harakka.

With the employment package, a greater number of persons with impaired capacity for work or long-term unemployment will be able participate in society through work, education and training or personalised services.

Quick-impact solutions to skills shortages will be sought in cooperation between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“The goal of the employment package is to put Finland’s employment rate on a Nordic path and to systematically boost employment by investing in employment services, emulating practice in its neighbouring countries. We must do this to safeguard sufficient conditions for a welfare society of the 2030s,” says Minister Harakka.

“Key elements of the employment package were prepared in subgroups of the Ministerial Group on Employment Promotion. The subgroups’ contribution to the employment package has been significant, and the work continues at least until the government discussion on spending limits next spring. The work has only started,” says Harakka.

The Government will increase the appropriations for boosting employment, attracting international talent and improving integration of migrants by nearly EUR 300 million during the government term.

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Minister of Employment: Employment package to boost employment and increase inclusion, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, press release 18.9.2019